Welcome to the

3rd Iberoamerican Conference
on Mass Spectrometry

December 10 to December 15, 2022

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3rd Iberoamerican Conference on Mass Spectrometry

Welcome to the IBERO2022

NEW deadline for submitting abstracts: November 11, 2022

Dear Lectures, Chairs, Organizers, Sponsors, and all Participants of the 23rd IMSC


“The Best Ever MS Conference”!

After 3 years of plans and re-plans, we are finally very, very, very happy and extremely enthusiastic to announce that everything is in place, a wonderful hotel has been selected, all major companies agreed to sponsor it and to set up the latest, most comprehensive display of MS instrumentation, a total of 10 societies around the world have agreed to co-host or to support the conference, the world now is near free of “major worries’ so we can freely meet face-to-face again, lectures are nearly all selected, the city is [email protected] and one of the most beautiful and charming in the world, so we have all: and are ready for the best, most sensational MS conference ever.

What is missing still perhaps is you, so please join us as soon as possible!

The conference will run December 10-15, 2022 at the magnificent Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort & Conference Center and also magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The hotel is located perhaps in the best spot in Rio: in a “reserved and safe area”, is a five-star “feet of the sand hotel” with a marvelous view of the landscape with “Christ the Redeemer” in the background, is close to Copacabana Beach – the most charming beach in the world – and close to major Rio attraction, is therefore the perfect place for us to enjoy the sun of Rio, feel the ocean air, make new friends, start new collaborations and listen to great talks with lots of new ideas too.

We have also a great selection of speakers and sessions with the best of current MS research, application and instrumentations.
We are indeed working harder and harder to make the III IberoAmerican RIO2022 MS conference the best, most exciting ever MS conference, full of high quality scientific and social activities, at one of the most beautiful and warmest places in the world.

The fowling societies/MS groups have agreed to co-host and/or support or conference: The MS societies/groups of Argentine, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Russia.

If you make the best possible decision to come, we promise that you will be fully granted for this decision with the best ever MS conference, and best and warmest ever reception with “hugs and kisses” that Brazilians are so famous for!
If you are not registered yet, do it and joy us in this effort to make this conference a marvelous social and scientific experience.

There is no better place for a mass spectrometrist to be in Dec 2022 other than in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil for this spectacular conference.

See you all in Dec 2022 in Rio de Janeiro!

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The 3rd Iberoamerican Conference on Mass Spectrometry 2022 will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Ibero2022 venue is the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort at "Leblon" - this is known as the financial, gastronomic, lodging and entertainment center of the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. It was home to most of the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games. As all the previous editions, Ibero2022 will cover all aspects of mass spectrometry, from fundamentals to instrumentation and applications, with a "Brazilian seasoning".

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