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Founded in 2005 and based in Campinas, São Paulo. The Brazilian Society of Mass Spectrometry (BrMASS) is a philanthropic, non-profit association. With an organizational intensions; without party politics, regardless of nationality, sex, race or religion.

The BrMASS, aims to represent and bring together professionals and those working on several fronts of mass spectrometry studies, promoting the research, knowledge dissemination and training of human resources. Helping in the exchange and collaboration betwen national and international institutions and related sciences.

Every two years, the BrMASS promotes the Brazilian Congress of Mass Spectrometry and the School of Mass Spectrometry, with the objective of bring the technical-scientific improvement of students, seeking to congregate the Brazilian spectrometrists, and to promote communication between them and similar societies.



IBERO2022 will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The IBERO 2022 venue is the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort at "Leblon" - this is known as the financial, gastronomic, lodging and entertainment center of the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. It was home to most of the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games. As all the previous editions, IBERO2022 will cover all aspects of mass spectrometry, from fundamentals to instrumentation and applications, with a "Brazilian seasoning".

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– Campinas – São Paulo

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