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BrMASS Manuel Riveros Medal

Manuel Riveros is one of the great pioneers in mass spetrometry in Brazil, as well as a world-renowned researcher, enthusiastic and active contributor to the Brazilian Society of Mass Spectrometry, as our president for several years.

The BrMASS Medal – Manuel Riveros was established by the Brazilian Society of Mass Spectrometry – BrMASS at the beginning of its creation with the aim of honoring the great names of mass spectrometry thath contribute to mass spectromety in Brazil.

2022 winers

IBERO 2022 - Award Winners - Lidija Nikolaevna Gall

Lidija Nikolaevna Gall (Russian Society for MS - RUS)

IBERO 2022 - Speakers - Julia Laskin

Julia Laskin (Purdue University - USA)

IMSC2020 - daniel de souza martins - schedule

Daniel Martins (Unicamp - BRA)

IBERO 2022 - Award Winners - Claudia Moraes de Rezende

Claudia Moraes de Rezende (UFRJ - BRA)


Rosa Erra-Balsells (University of Buenos Aires - ARJ)

Past winers

Rodinei Augusti – Federal University of Minas Gerais – UFMG
Ênio Frota da Silveira – Pontifical Catholic University RJ – PUC RJ
Gilberto Domont – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ
Juarez Araújo Silveira – Shimadzu do Brasil
Luiz Bravo – Nova Analytics
MSc Larry Burchfield 'In memory'
Noberto Peporine Lopes, USP-RP
Mário Sérgio Palma, UNESP – Rio Claro
Maria Fernanda Georgina Gine Rosias – CENA USP
Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz – UNICAMP
Marcos N. Eberlin – UNICAMP
Francisco Radler de Aquino Neto – UFRJ
José Manuel Riveros Nigra – USP
Conchetta Cacheres – UNICAMP
Lauro Mohry – UNB
Luiz Juliano Neto – UNIFESP
Jorge Guimarães – CAPES President
Antonio Jorge Ribeiro da Silva, NPPN at UFRJ
Edson Rodrigues Filho – UFSCar
Ernesto Sens / Sens Advanced MS Thermo Fisher
Hélio Ventura/Varian
Raimundo Braz/UFRRJ
Joerg Von Helden/Águas
Koji Kawashita Institute of Geoscience USP
Dr. Cláudio Rodrigues – IPEN/USP
Cláudio Rodrigues IPEN/CNEN-SP
Prof. Louis Green from FMUSP RP

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Nico Nibbering Student Travel Awards

The International Mass Spectrometry Foundation and the Organizing Committee of Iberoamerican Conference on Mass Spectrometry (Ibero 2022) invite applications for the Nico Nibbering Travel Award to support student participation in the Ibero2022 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), December 10-15, 2022.

Prof. Nicolaas (Nico) Martinus Maria Nibbering (1938-2014) was a Dutch chemist and pioneer of international mass spectrometry. In a career spanning over 40 years, Prof. Nibbering published more than 400 research articles making seminal contributions to our knowledge of ion chemistry and the development of instrumentation; including the design and construction of the first Fourier transform ion-cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer in Europe. Prof. Nibbering was a champion for mass spectrometry science and was central to forging an international community around this emerging discipline. Throughout his career he, along with his wife Tini, travelled extensively attending mass spectrometry conferences and workshops throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. His international network was central to the establishment of the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation and is the reason the foundation is registered in the Netherlands. Prof. Nibbering was a passionate advocate for young scientists and supported the education and career-development of mass spectrometrists from many countries around the world through his mentorship and the delivery of education and workshop programs. The Nico Nibbering Student Travel Awards serve to honor his many contributions to international mass spectrometry and build on his legacy of supporting young scientists in this field.



Oscar Enrique Silva Rodriguez (Argentina), Federico Martin Ivanic (Argentina), Adriana Pereira do Nascimento (Brazil), Ana Carolina Santos Luz (Brazil), Hélio Danilo Quevedo (Brazil), Taynara Simão Matos (Brazil), Guilherme Perez Pinheiro (Brazil), Gabriela Ferreira Silva (Brazil),  Marcos Venicius Nunes (Brazil), Raúl Alcalde-Vázquez (Mexico), Cinthia Pendás Custodio (Uruguay), David Menchaca (Uruguay), María Victoria Panzl (Uruguay), Betzabeth Pereira (Venezuela).

The organizing committee will contact the winners individually for further details.

IMSC 2020 - Rio background A

To apply, please click the button above, deadline is September 30th, 2022.

Specific instructions

JMS Awards

If the author is a student or pos doc and wants to apply for the JMS Student Award for best contributed work, an e-mail needs to be send to with your name, your poster title and an abstract that you plan or have already submitted to the conference. Authors are required to prepare and submit the aplication until September 30th, 2022. Applicants will be notified of the decision by October 7th of that year.

The scientific committee will nominate five winers. The winners will be awarded during the Conference and will recieve free registration, a ticket to Theme party "Botequim Carioca" and free registration for a MS course.



Bradley Smith - Brazil
Emerson Marques - Brazil
Raul A. Vazquez - Mexico
Cinthia Pendas - Uruguay
Germano A. Ferreira - Brazil
Pimpernelli J. Dos Santos - Brazil


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Gilberto B. Domont award for Young Investigator

It is with great pleasure that BrProt Society established the Gilberto B. Domont award for Young Investigator to honor his significant contribution in developing and consolidating Proteomics in Brazil and bringing Brazilian proteomics to world-recognition. Gilberto B. Domont is one of the pioneers of this area in Brazil and a co-founder of the Rio de Janeiro Proteomics Network and the Brazilian Proteomics Society (BrProt) in 2012, being the president nowadays and during several other years. He has a young mind with enthusiasm for science, being responsible for the formation of exceptional scientists spreading worldwide.

The BrProt scientific committee will select five young investigators to present at the BrProt session on 14th of December. All selected will receive an honorable mention certificate and the winner will be awarded during the conference. Eligible candidates are young scientist postdoctoral fellows, junior group leader and young clinicians (Ph.D. degree awarded post January 2012).

Specific instructions

Best Poster Awards

The Best Poster Awards will be sponsored by the journal "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry".
The awards will be conceded to the most accomplished poster presentations at the Ibero 2022 MS conference. 

The poster evaluators committee will consider posters' design, clarity of the presentation, authors´ discussion skills, and the scientific content.
Each large area will have an evaluator committee, which is still under nomination. 
Best poster awards winners will be announced during Ibero 2022 closing ceremony, to be held on December 15th 2022.